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The animated series is a spin-off of Ankama's MMO of the same name. It started airing in France on October 2008, and ran for 2, 26-episode seasons, with a special trilogy released on November 2014. Unlike most cartoons, its animation isn't outsourced - Ankama Animation produced the series in Adobe Flash. It is directed by Ankama CEO Anthony "Tot" Roux, screenwriting director Olivier "Jason" Vannelle, with character designs by Xavier "Xa" Houssin.[1]

The Noximilien the Watchmaker special was directed by lead director Eunyong Choi, animation director Michio Mihara, with character designs by Masaaki Yuasa.[2] The Ogrest the Legend special was a collaboration between Ankama Japan, MADHOUSE, Studio Wyeth, and Studio Ghibli.[3]


[edit] Plot

The series takes place in the World of Twelve, centuries after Ogrest's Chaos reshaped the planet.

[edit] Season 1

For centuries, the Xelor Nox has been harvesting Wakfu from innocents to power the Eliacube. When the dragon Grougaloragran suddenly appears with the orphan protagonist, Yugo, Nox's interest is piqued...

[edit] Season 2

Yugo and Adamaï have succeeded in using the Eliacube to bring back an Eliatrope, Qilby, from another dimension. He has sent the heroes on a quest to find the Dofus holding his dragon sister, Shinonome.

[edit] Trivia

  • An English dub of Ruel's Bag was shown at the AX 2011 Wakfu panel. It used different voice actors than the current dub.

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