Character Progression

One of the primary goals is to increase your character's strength and allow them to evolve, this involves increasing how volatile they are in combat as well as in social standing. The progression a character can undergo in order to become more adept is called Technical Progression. [1]


[edit] Character Level

A Character will start out in the world of WAKFU at Level 1 and will become more powerful and increasing their level upon gaining XP. A character can only gain a level once a sufficient amount of XP has been gathered.

Upon levelling up, a character will be given 5 Skill Points in which they can distrubute as evenly as they like across a variety of attributes, divided into Aptitudes and Support Spells, one or the other can be upgraded each level. An increase in level will also grant additional Max HP, dependant on the Class of the character.

Level 200 is the maximum each character can achieve.

[edit] Characteristics

Characteristics Screen
Each character, defined by class, will gain statistical boosts which will define them, this is entirely dependant on the class in which they belong. These can also be defined by the strategic choices made by the character.

There are, however, characteristics in which all classes can increase, these are:

  • Health Points (HP): These define the endurance of the character.
  • Action Points (AP) and Wakfu Points (WP): This will determine which spells can be used, some spells will require more WP than others and therefore careful stategies will need to be undertaken to ensure victory and that they are used wisely each turn.
  • Movement Points (MP): These determine how many squares (See: Area of Effect) the character can travel each turn
  • Lock and Dodge: This defines the ability to trap and enemy in close combat or, alternatively, to escape from an adjacent opponent.
  • Kick-Ass: This determines the amount of damage taken from behind.
  • Critical Hits/Failures: This defines the chance of completing the spell perfectly or failing to cast it.

Note that each of these is rejuvinated on a turn-by-turn basis

There are also characteristics that aren't so holistic and are available only to certain classes:

  • Leadership: These define how many summons a character can create
  • Mechanism:Define how many traps and/or markers that can be set in combat
    • Mechanical Damage: Determines the strength of the traps.

These can been increased by upgrading in Aptitude Points or Equipment.

[edit] Aptitude Points

Each time a level is gained, the character will get 5 Aptitude Points that can be split amongst 20 Aptitudes. The first 10 are designated to increasing the character's primary characteristics (EG HP, WP, Critical Hits) while the other 10 are designated to increasing the level of Support spells.

[edit] Elemental Spells

Each Class will have access to 15 Elemental Spells divided into the 4 Elements that exist in Wakfu; Water, Air, Earth and Fire. Each class will only have access to spells of 3 of these elements and the character will start with only three spells, one of each element available to them.

The more these Elemental Spells are used, the more powerful they become and upgrade. A spell can continue to gain XP until it reaches it's optimum level at 100.

[edit] Class Specialities

Each class has 10 specialities available to them, each to unique to the class and exist to aid the character. Initially the character shall have 2 Specialities available to them and can gain more as they level up. There are two types of Specialities in the World of Twelve, Spells, which are based on the four elements, and Passive Powers, which although can't be used directly, can be used to provide statistical boosts for other attacks.

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