Ecaflip's Coin

Icon Ecaflip.png
Male Ecaflip
Growth +6 HP per level
Role Gambler
Power Random.
Flexibility Good
Cooperation Variable
Combat Where ever is most fun
Easy Target Foes who rely on Critical Hits
Difficult Target Those resistant to effect
Weapons Cards
When you're a god, even the roll of a dice is predictable! But for the mere mortals who circle the blackjack tables of the material world hungrily, there is no such luck. And here, it is the Ecaflips who rule over crook, thief and gold-rusher, playing lady luck with supreme skill and recklessness.

Ecaflips are used to gambling on chance. In battle, you'll never know if the next blow coming from the enemy with the catty head will knock your socks off or leave you untouched... they collect game cards and have made fearsome weapons out of them, leaving the swords of the past to other fighters. They might even read your future in these cards... but if they're lucky, you might not want to know what it is![1]


[edit] Spells

Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element AirLarge.png
0 Spell Ecaflip ClawAttack.png Claw Attack Very Cheap Attack Damage
2 Spell Ecaflip ClawsOfCeangal.png Claws of Ceangal Very Cheap Attack Sides: Damage, -Lock
4 Spell Ecaflip Hunter.png Hunter Very Cheap Glyph Damage, Teleport
7 Spell EcaBite.png Eca Bite Attack Cross AoE: Damage
10 Spell Ecaflip UpToScratch.png Up To Scratch Expensive Attack Damage to enemies in front of target, Teleport
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element EarthLarge.png
1 Spell Ecaflip HeadsOrTails.png Heads or Tails Cheap Risk/Attack Attack; Heals target
* Spell Ecaflip 421.png 421 Attack Damage, 1/6 chance: ++Damage, re-roll
Spell Ecaflip AllIn.png All-In Attack Damage, AP% Chance: Double Damage
Spell Ecaflip Craps.png Craps Very Cheap Attack Damage, Double Damage for 7
Spell Ecaflip DoubleOrQuits.png Double or Quits Very Cheap Attack Damage, 1/2 chance: End turn or receive lost AP
Spell Ecaflip Jackpot.png Jackpot Expensive Attack Heal; Damage +Dodge; Damage +Quake
Spell Ecaflip Lottery.png Lottery Expensive Attack Low or High damage
Spell Ecaflip Roulette.png Roulette Risk Square AoE: Damage or Heal cells
Spell Ecaflip ShiFuMiaow.png Shi-Fu-Miaow Cheap Attack Play Rock Paper Scissors- Win: Heal; Lose: Damage
Spell Ecaflip ThreeCards.png Three Cards Expensive Attack Heal; Quake; or Caster: +AP
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element WaterLarge.png
0 Spell Ecaflip RoughTongue.png Rough Tongue Very Cheap Attack Damage
2 Spell Ecaflip Fleabag.png Fleabag Reaction Damage, -Resist
4 Spell Ecaflip Fleabitten.png Fleabitten Attack Damage, Adjacent cells: +Critical
7 Spell Ecaflip Fleeches.png Fleeches Glyph Foe: +Damage received
10 Spell Ecaflip FleaLove.png Flea Love Expensive Attack Damage/Heal (over several turns), On End: heal caster
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element SupportLarge.png
1 Spell Ecaflip Perception.png Perception Support Detects invisible characters, +CH
Spell Ecaflip SixthSense.png Sixth Sense Passive Faces an enemy attacking from behind
2 Spell Ecaflip PawsOff.png Paws Off Passive Pushes back an approaching enemy
Spell Ecaflip SmellyCat.png Smelly Cat Passive Fleas cause Allergic state
3 Spell Ecaflip Petrification.png Petrification Support Causes Petrified state
Spell Ecaflip Rabies.png Rabies Passive Causes Rage state
4 Spell Ecaflip FelineLeap.png Feline Leap Teleport Short Teleport, +Damage%
Spell Ecaflip CatTree.png Cat Tree Support Risk More damaged received or Dodge the attack
5 Spell Ecaflip'sTarot.png Ecaflip's Tarot Passive Random bonus/penalty
Spell Ecaflip Meowtbreak.png [Meowtbreak]] Support Lower Air resistance

[edit] In the Animated Series

A female Ecaflip, Miranda, appears in The Black Crow

[edit] In the Comics

Miranda is the main character of Le Corbeau Noir (The Black Crow), the first issue in the Wakfu Heroes series.

[edit] References


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