Enutrof's Fingers

Icon Enutrof.png
Male Enutrof
Growth --HP per level
Role Support
Power Average
Flexibility Impeccable
Cooperation Good
Combat Close to the loot
Easy Target Not too rough and is badly effected by states
Difficult Target Very fast enemies
Weapons Shovel
If you want to make an Enutrof happy, just compare him to the 'Kama Reaper', a character from Enutrof fairy tales who comes to take the richest, greediest ones off to hell... which they love! I have yet to meet someone who wants to make an Enutrof happy though...

Enutrofs are the gold rushers of the World of Twelve - they like nothing more than counting booty and you'll often see all sorts of adventurers following them around, just waiting until their Enutrof nose smells out the next gold mine. Their motto is simple: "Of greed make an art". You'll often hear them whisper it as they're pushing children out of the way in the search for rubies, or some other horrible activity. Their god, a Golden Dragon from the skies, gave them the knowledge of all valuable things.[1]

[edit] Spells

Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element EarthLarge.png
0 KillerSpade.png Killer Spade Cheap Attack Damage
2 DeadlyNightspade.png Deadly Nightspade Attack Damage, Bound
4 Smacker.png Smacker Attack Damage, Accelerated
7 ShadyShovel.png Shady Shovel Attack Damage, Steal MP
10 ShovelShaker.png Shovel Shaker Attack AoE: Damage, Bound
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element FireLarge.png
0 Fusion.png Fusion Attack Damage, Burning, Scalded
2 Meteor.png Meteor Very Cheap Attack Damage, Mine: Square AoE
4 Ember.png Ember Cheap Attack Damage, Mine: Burning
7 FiredampExplosion.png Firedamp Explosion Attack Cross AoE: Damage, Mine: Large AoE
10 HotMagma.png Hot Magma Expensive Attack Line AoE: Damage, Mine: Ring AoE
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element WaterLarge.png
0 Cutting.png Cutting Cheap Attack Damage, Broke/Pouch
2 Rascalry.png Rascalry Attack Damage, Broke/Pouch
4 Purge.png Purge Very Cheap Attack Damage, Pouch: Increase size Explode
7 Tax.png Tax Attack Damage, Broke: +Damage, Broke/Pouch
10 Refinement.png Refinement Very Expensive Attack Damage, Destroy item/Broke
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element SupportLarge.png
1 PhoneAFrhend.png Phone a Frhend Summon Summons Drheller
TreasureTracker.png Treasure Tracker Passive +Damage% (Depends on Prospecting)
2 Drhellzerker.png Drhellzerker Transform Merges with Drheller
Geology.png Geology Passive Combat start: Discover random mines
3 CombatTraining.png Combat Training Passive Unlock Drheller abilities
FakingIt.png Faking It Passive False KO
4 MassClumsiness.png Mass Clumsiness Support All: Bound, Caster: +Dodge
MineMover.png Mine Mover Support Relocates mine
5 GodEnutrofsBlessing.png God Enutrof's Blessing Passive Bonus Combat rewards
PrimeOfLife.png Prime of Life Support Gain MP when MP/HP is lost

[edit] References

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