Spell Ecaflip Fleeches.png
Class Ecaflip's Coin
Element Element WaterSmall.pngWater
Unlock Level 7
Type Glyph
"The Ecaflip throws his fleas onto the ground. When an enemy takes damage next to them, the fleas will launch themselves on it to suck its blood and cause extra damage."

[edit] Spell Properties

Cost Range
4Action Point.png, 1WAKFU Point Small.png 1-4
Requires Line of Sight
Target Empty Cell
Area of Effect
Single Cell
Places a Fleeches Glyph

[edit] Glyph

Area of Effect
2-Cell Circle
Enemy is damaged:
  • Steals 2(34) damageElement WaterSmall.png
  • Removes glyph

[edit] Spell Progression

Level 0 25 50 75 100
Beacon HP 2  ?  ?  ? 34
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