A Gemlin is a blob-like NPC that acts as a pet for the character. It can be aquired after saving it in the first section of the Incarnam.


[edit] Story

As Ogrest's tears flooded the World of Twelve, the Gemlins started to absorb all the moisture, they all worked together and started to absorb the entire flood that had plagued the land. However, as they absorbed the flood they filled themselves with the world's memories and perished in the DOFUS era. Since then, Gemlins have aided travellers by guiding them with the knowledge they filled themselves with. [1]

[edit] Functionality

Gemlin's act as a messaging system and tutor for the player throughout the game, as well as providing them with information of an area as they enter it. They reflect the wakfu-stasis balence and represent it by taking on a colour that defines the extremes of that particular Wakfu-Stasis Balance. As such, these are useful in identifying the Wakfu-Stasis Balance of other players.

[edit] Customization

A Gemlin can be customized by the player with gems which can be obtained by completing various achievements. There are three types of Gelugemmes:

[edit] Face Gems

Name How To Obtain
Gemlihelm Complete Snakes and Lawyers Achievement
Cyclo Helm Complete Incarnum Asylum Achievement
Information Needing Translation
GéluFeuillage Beat the Friche Perdue de Farle dungeon
GéluHeaume Beat Gobball Dungeon
GéluMouflage Beat the Epouvantail Gardien before the fourth turn
Gélunettes Noires Beat Larva Dungeon
GéluNoeil Explore Central and Four Peripheral Islands
GéluPlanche Beat Arachnee Dungeon
GéluRapetou Beat Tofu Dungeon
GéluRieur Finish Gostof Dungeon
GéluSacri Finish first room of Gobball Dungeon. Kill all Gobball's first
GéluTengu Finish the Prairies Suspendues de Boufbilone dungeon

[edit] Skin Gems

Name How To Obtain
Hooded Gem Complete the A Boy and his Gemlin Achievement
Spiked Gem Complete the Mind Your Step Achievement
Information Needing Translation
Capuchemme Explore 100% of Incarnum
Gelubranches Beat the Friche Perdue de Farle dungeon in less than 15 minutes
GeluChaCha Beat Larva Dungeon in less than 20 minutes.
GeluCornes Hautes In the checkerboard room of the Gobball Dungeon, kill the Gobballs from highest level to lowest level
GeluCouettes Beat the Gostof Dungeon in less than 20 minutes
GeluDiabloti Kill Celestial Gobball first
GeluFeuille Beat Gostof Dungeon with no KOs
GeluPiques In the first room of the Tofu Dungeon, kill the Tofoune first
GeluTacule Basses Kill the Veuve Sombre first, before the fourth turn
GeluTofu In the second room of the Tofu Dungeon, kill 3 Ventripotent Tofus
Hautes Nagemmes Fight 250 fights
Petites Nagemmes Fight 50 fights

[edit] Boost Gems

Name Effect How To Obtain
Commandment Gemlingem --- Complete Skies of Gobbcadia Achievement
Dumblegem +3% Wisdom Complete Residents's Feeble Achievement
Prosper Gem +3 Prospecting Complete Cooking Mimi Achievement
Small Vital Gem +10 Max HP Complete Super Kano Smash Boulz Achievement
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