Gutting Gust

Gutting Gust
Spell Iop Evisceration.png
Class Iop's Heart
Element Element AirSmall.pngAir
Unlock Level 7
Type Attack
"By kicking its foot, the Iop creates a powerful wind that impacts a nearby target. It doesn't use AP, just MP. This spell is great when used as part of a combo."

[edit] Spell Properties

Cost Range
2Movement Point Small.png 1-1
Area of Effect
Deals 2(32) damage Element AirSmall.png
3-Cell Line Across: Deals 3(48) damage Element AirSmall.png

[edit] Spell Progression

Level 0 25 50 75 100
Effect Damage 2 9 17 24 32
Critical Damage 3 14 25 36 48
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