Iop's Heart

Icon Iop.png
Male Iop
Growth +8 HP per turn
Role Warrior
Power Excellent
Flexibility Good
Cooperation Very Good
Combat Front Line
Easy Target Clumsy, solitary, and slow-moving enemies.
Difficult Target Fast enemies with long distance attacks.
Weapons Sword
Iops are renowned for being courageous knights who let their weapons do the talking. Ogrest's Chaos hasn't changed their attitude, either. Loyal to their god, Iops are spirited warriors and formidable protectors.

When it comes to defending their strong opinions, Iops have no trouble letting their enemies know exactly how fierce they can be. Make a note of it![1]

[edit] Spells

Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element AirLarge.png
0 Spell Iop Jabs.png Jabs Very Cheap Attack Damage
2 Spell Iop Flurry.png Flurry Very Cheap Attack Damage
4 Spell Iop Intimidation.png Intimidation Cheap Attack Damage, Push
7 Spell Iop Evisceration.png Gutting Gust Attack Across Line AoE: Damage, -MP
10 Spell Iop Uppercut.png Uppercut Attack Attack,-WP
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element EarthLarge.png
0 Spell Iop EarthenBlow.png Shaker Attack Damage
2 Spell Iop Rockfall.png Rocknoceros Attack Damage, Quake
4 Spell Iop Impact.png Impact Cheap Attack Cross AoE: Damage, Bound
7 Spell Iop Charge.png Charge Attack Damage, Move Towards, Stun
10 Spell Iop Earthquake.png Devastate Expensive Attack Square AoE: Damage, Stun
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element FireLarge.png
0 Spell Iop Thunderbolt.png Thunderbolt Cheap Attack Damage
2 Spell Iop Judgement.png Judgement Attack Along-Line AoE: Damage
4 Spell Iop SuperIopPunch.png Super Iop Punch Attack Move Towards, Damage, AoE: Explosion
7 Spell Iop CelestialSword.png Celestial Sword Attack Ring AoE: Damage, Blind
10 Spell Iop's Wrath.png Iop's Wrath Very Expensive Attack Ring AoE: Damage, Explosion
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element SupportLarge.png
1 Spell Iop Jump.png Jump Teleport Teleport
Spell Iop Virility.png Virility Passive +Max HP
2 Spell Iop DefensivePosture.png Defensive Posture Reaction Reflect one attack, End Turn
Spell Iop Compulsion.png Compulsion Passive +Damage%
3 Spell Iop Squash.png Flatten Attack Teleport, Stun
Spell Iop Authority.png Authority Passive Reflect one attack (+Damage&), Ends turns
4 Spell Iop BraveryBanner.png Bravery Standard Glyph AoE: +Damage%, End Turn
Spell Iop ShowOff.png Show Off Passive  %Chance of +Damage% after attacking
5 Spell Iop Amplification.png Increase Buff +Damage, -WP
Spell Iop ExpertLocker.png Expert Locker Passive +Lock

[edit] History

The Iops were one of the first classes implemented in Closed Beta. As of Patch 0.303, their spells received various tweaks - the spell Iop's Wrath decreased in damage and decreased in chances of applying the Explosion state; the spell Earthquake decreased in chances of applying the Stun state; the spell Defensive Posture was reduced to repel only one attack per use.

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