Kriss Krass (episode)

Kriss Krass is the first episode of the second season's Gobbowl arc.

After escaping the realm of the Shushus, the gang finds themselves outrunning an avalanche. Still searching for Qilby's Dofus, they haven't decided what town they will cross through. Yugo thinks they should go through Brakmar so they can see Kriss Krass, but Amalia and Ruel don't agree with him. After Grufon tells them that it's the fastest way, they decide to go through Brakmar.

Once there they have to pay at a tollbooth to enter. Ruel complains that you pay for everything in Brakmar, and pretends to be the group's dad to get a discount. He makes Amalia pay for them, and they board a cart, which takes them on a roller coaster-esque descent.

In the bowels of Brakmar, merchants are selling all sorts of shady goods - battle axes, assassinations, vials of poison, even magic potions! They make note of the last merchant's S.M.A.R.T. potion, and head to the Tavern of Gobbrew to look for Kriss.

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