Line of Fire

Line of Fire
Spell Xelor LineOfFire.png
Class Xelor's Sandglass
Element Element FireSmall.pngFire
Unlock Level 2
Type Attack
"The Xelor's mastery of time enable him to create a red hot ray which proves devastating for any enemies unlucky enough to find themselves in his line of fire. Especially since it decreases their initiative too..."

[edit] Spell Properties

Cost Range
4Action Point.png 3-4
Requires Line of Sight
Area of Effect
Single Cell
Deals 2(44) damage Element FireSmall.png
-20 Ini
Deals 4(67) damage Element FireSmall.png
-30 Ini

[edit] Spell Progression

Level 0 25 50 75 100
Effect Damage 2 13 23 34 44
Critical Damage 4 19 35 51 67
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