Ogrest's Chaos

1,000 years after the Dofus era, The World of Twelve was plunged into total ruin. Floods, Earthquakes and Tidal Waves raged across the nations. Ogrest's Chaos has completely turned the world upside down. According to Lore, Ogrest was the result of an experiment by the alchemist Otomai, during the Dofus Era. Ogrest was a creature entirely composed of Wakfu and fell in love with a Doll created by Dathurda, a Sadida. In order to seduce his love, he reunited the 6 Primordial Dofus, Dragon Eggs that exude great power. However, Fearful of that Ogrest would become a threat to the nations, the Gods started a war against him, however it seemed that Ogrest was too powerful, even for them. During the apocalyptic battle, Dathura had suken to the depths of the Deep Abyss of Time, and the war ended when the Twelve forcibly surrendered. After the battle was done, Ogrest became overwhelmed with despair and withdrew himself to the highest peak of the world. Atop of this great Peak, he began to weep, he wept so much the the Twelve Nations beneath became Flooded and the flood had begun.

As the soils began to submerge, the nations soon collapsed causing disorder and panic. After the elements had weakened, the surviving civilians organized themselves in order to rebuild the empire and save 'civilization'. However many seized advantage of the nations weakened state and sought to steal power where ever possible. After much strife and debate, a new political system was put into place and new nations emerged from the chaos. Any citizen that had proved his or her worth could become governor and thus began a new democracy.

Ogrest's Chaos had destroyed fields, stripped forests, and shaken up crack rocks as well as throwing the climate into a state of instability causing seasons to become out of sync. Although weakened, the protectors of the months and the God themselves decided to let the adventurers save the dying world. Over the centuries, many iconic figures began to emerge, coming in the forms of Guild Masters, Warrior and Farmers, and clans were formed around them. These clans now help adveturers and guild them into protecting the now fragile ecosystem.

During the Chaos, not only were the nations divided, so were the communities. The successive nature of the disasters split apart the surviving clans and shattered their faith and since the Gods showed no signs of helping, people tried to find explanations as to what had happened. As such, little by little new beliefs and new faiths were born and the adventurers themselves had divided into 5 Factions:

  • The Sisters of Dathura: An organization compiled to women. They believe that Sadida's Doll has the power to restore the balance of the World.
  • Ogrest's Cult: Arguably the most violent Faction, they pray to the bringer of chaos and hope for new disaster to occur.
  • Otomai's Disiples: A Faction that believe in all of these superstitions. As Rationalists, the flood can be explained through Logic and Science.
  • The Final Sentry: A Squadron that fight to protect the old order and attempt to destroy any signs of change.
  • The Aprophetics: A diplomatic society that take no-ones side. Their motto is ""The universe will balance itself out, even in chaos. Best leave it alone."
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