Pandawa's Pint

Icon Pandawa.png
Male Pandawa
Growth +7 HP Per Turn
Role Fighter
Power Two levels, depending on sobriety
Flexibility Excellent
Cooperation Good
Combat Font line (best advantages)
Can attack from behind as well
Easy Target Enemies that attack in groups
Difficult Target Enemies that can remove states
Weapons Axe
What do Pandawas like best? Lifting their pint to the gods with one hand and their friends and enemies in the air with the other. (Usually not at the same time, depending on how many pints they've had). They are excellent fighters and real masters in the art of the right-hook (face-to-face). They're not too bad with an axe either. What most people don't know, though, is that they're just as active with their tongues as they are with their fists... after a few glasses of the best fermented Bamboo, that is. Drunken poets or waffling barflies? You decide!

Their philosophy? Living for the moment, of course... so long as they remember when it happens.[1]

[edit] Spells

Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element EarthLarge.png
0 TripleWhammy.png Triple Whammy Cheap Attack Damage, Push
2 Pandawhack.png Pandawhack Attack Damage; Dizzy
4 BashBarrel.png Bash Barrel Expensive Attack Ring AoE: Damage, Dizzy, Accelerated
7 LacticAcid.png Lactic Acid Attack Damage, Dizzy, +Resistance%
10 Blisskrieg.png Blisskrieg Very Expensive Attack Damage, Dizzy, Teleport, +Dodge
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element FireLarge.png
0 File:FlamingBurp.png Flaming Burp Cheap Attack Along Line AoE: Damage
2 File:LightMyFire.png Light My Fire Very Cheap Attack Damage; Dizzy: Burning
4 File:DairySpringer.png Dairy Springer Attack Triangle AoE: Damage, Teleport
7 File:ExplosiveFlask.png Explosive Flask Attack Cross AoE: Damage; Dizzy: Blindness
10 File:MilkingIt.png Milking It Attack Circle AoE: Damage; Dizzy: Scalded
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element WaterLarge.png
0 Spell Pandawa Pandiniuras.png Milky Breath Cheap Attack Damage
2 File:SplashOfMilk.png Splash of Milk Attack Square AoE: Damage, Dizzy
4 File:BubbleTrouble.png Bubble Trouble Cheap Attack Cross AoE: Damage, Dizzy
7 Spell Pandawa Melancholy.png Barrel Peril Expensive Attack Circle AoE: Damage, Dizzy
10 Spell Pandawa Kirrhosis.png Milk Fountain Expensive Attack Square AoE: Damage foes, Heal allies, Dizzy
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element SupportLarge.png
1 File:Barrel.png Barrel Object Places a Barrel
File:BarrelOfLaughs.png Barrel of Laughs Passive Extra Barrel damage on death
2 File:Karchamrak.png Karchamrak Support Carry or Throw objects
File:MasterOfMerriment.png Master of Merriment Passive Merry: +Max HP
3 File:Ether.png Ether Support Cross AoE: Ethereal
File:BottomlessBarrel.png Bottomless Barrel Passive Barrel: +Quarts, +Lock
4 File:Barrelhop.png Barrelhop Teleport Teleport to Barrel
File:AggressiveBarrel.png Aggressive Barrel Passive Barrel attackers: Dizzy
5 File:Bamboozle.png Bamboozle Support Merry, Dizzy, Madness
File:MilkyInstinct.png Milky Instinct Passive Redirect attack to Barrel

[edit] References

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