Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm

Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm
Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm.jpg
Age 13 (Season 1)
14 (Season 2)
Gender Female
Class Sadida
Height 1m 58
Voiced by Adeline Chetail (French)
Jessica Bell (English)

Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm is one of the five main characters in the Wakfu animated series. She is the princess of the Sadida Kingdom.

[edit] Appearance

Like the game's default female Sadida, Amalia has bright green hair and dark skin. She wears a green band and flowers in her hair, the largest one holding pins with skulls on their ends. Her skirt is made of large leaves, as are her anklets. Like all Sadida, she goes barefoot. While the default female Sadida wears a top made of leave and twigs, Amalia wears a simple, tan tube top.

In the OVAs, Amalia's hair is up in a bushy ponytail with a pair of antlers adorning her head, signifying her status as Queen of the Sadidas. She wears an orange dress with both sides revealed (straps connecting the front to the back); the front of the dress has a flower in the middle with a leaf protruding from it stretching to her thighs. She also wears green handless gloves on both arms.

[edit] Biography

Not much has been revealed about her early life, but some snippets have been shown through numerous flashbacks. As a child, she was pampered by her servants, resulting in her haughty attitude. It isn't revealed when Evangelyne became her bodyguard, but she is present in most of Amalia's flashbacks.

Amalia began traveling with Evangelyne after the god Sadida contacted her through a prophetic dream. When they reached Emelka, the girls met Yugo, Sadlygrove, and Ruel. After hearing Yugo's story, she convinced Evangelyne to help find Yugo's family, believing it to be another mission from Sadida.

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