Retreat Arrow

Retreat Arrow
Class Cra's Range
Element Element AirSmall.pngAir
Unlock Level 7
Type Attack
"This arrows allows you to push back your most dangerous enemies. After all, Cras are long ranger fighters..."

[edit] Spell Properties

Cost Range
4Action Point.png, 1WAKFU Point Small.png 1-4
Requires Line of Sight
Vertical or Horizontal only
Area of Effect
Single Cell
Deals 4(47) damage Element AirSmall.png
Push (2-Cells)
Deals 5(71) damage Element AirSmall.png
Push (2-Cells)

[edit] Spell Progression

Level 0 25 50 75 100
Effect Damage 4 15 26 36 47
Critical Damage 5 23 39 55 71
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