Sacrier's Blood

Icon Sacrier.png
Male Sacrier
Growth +10 HP per level
Role Berserker
Power Average
Flexibility good
Cooperation Excellent
Combat Front (to take hits)
Swap places with others to take their damage
Easy Target Enemies that can deal brutal damage
Difficult Target Enemies that deal damage proportionate to Health Points
Weapons ---
There's no use trying to beat a Sacrier disciple into submission - they like it too much!

In fact, these berserkers only become more powerful with each blow from their enemy! You'll find these strange creatures right where the fighting rages and the blood flows... and this is the warrior comrade that just keeps giving and giving in those long, tiring battles.

Like all tough soldiers, they know how to enjoy themselves too, so if you can't find your finest warrior companion on the battlefield, have a look in the local tavern! Their weapon of choice is the sword.[1]

[edit] Spells

Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element AirLarge.png
0 Rejectattoo.png Rejectattoo Cheap Attack Damage, Push
2 SacriersFist.png Sacrier's Fist Very Cheap Attack Damage, Get closer, Skilful
4 Assault.png Assault Attack Damage, Swap positions, Skilful
7 TattractingFist.png Tattracting Fist Attack Damage, attracts
10 Spell Sac Assault.png Light Speed Attack Circle AoE: Damage
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element EarthLarge.png
0 Spell Sacrier'sFoot.png Rocky Foot Cheap Attack Damage, Angrrr: +Damage%
2 CrackrockBlow.png Crackrock Blow Attack Damage, Awkward, Angrrr
4 LethalSlingshot.png Lethal Slingshot Attack Cross AoE: Damage, Angrrr: +Range
7 Spell Sac Impalement.png Colonnades Attack Cross AoE: Damage, Angrrr
10 Spell Sac Madness.png Smasher Expensive Attack Damage, Awkward, Incurable, remaining Angrrr: +Damage%
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element FireLarge.png
0 Spell Sac Gouging.png Blood Rush Cheap Attack Damage, Angrrr: +Damage%
2 CageOfBlood.png Cage of Blood Attack Square AoE: Damage, Awkward, Bangrrrang, Incurable
4 Spell Sac Flagellation.png Bloodthirsty Fury Very Cheap Attack Damage, Self-harm, Bangrrrang, +Damage%
7 Spell Sac Punishment.png Punishment Attack Damage, Bangrrrang, +Damage%
10 Spell Sac BoilingBlood.png Burning Blood Expensive Attack Cross AoE: Damage, Scalded, Flaming
Element Level Icon Spell Name Spell Description
Type Effect
Element SupportLarge.png
1 Angrrr.png Angrrr Passive Sacrier system
Spell Sac Attraction.png Attraction Support Attracts
2 Spell Sac Immortality.png Blood Pact Passive +Max HP, +Max HP per Ally; Ally dies: -Max HP
Spell Sac Transposition.png Transposition Teleport Swap positions
3 Moribund.png Moribund Passive +Damage% for low HP
Spell Sac Sacrifice.png Sacrifice Support Take Damage for ally and Swap Places.
4 Spell Sac GiftofLife.png Clinging to Life Passive Resists death
DeathSentence.png Death Sentence Support +Angrrr when target is killed
5 Spell Sac StickyBlood.png Extra-Vigrrrous Support Full Angrrr: +Damage%
MotionSickness.png Motion Sickness Support Damage if forced to move

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