The Child from the Mist

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The Child from the Mist
(L'Enfant des Brumes)
Air Date October 31st, 2008
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Next Episode Yugo the Eliatrope

The Child from the Mist is the first episode in season 1 of the Wakfu animated series.

[edit] Synopsis

In the small town of Emelka, a cloaked figure suddenly appears from the mist with a baby in tow. The townspeople are shocked at this, believing him to be a harbinger of Ogrest's Chaos, but he pays no attention to them. As he makes his way across town, small, bug-like creatures - Noxins - follow him. They capture pictures of him, and relay these images to a masked Xelor, later revealed to be Nox.

As he crosses a bridge, he is attacked by three horned monsters. After shrouding himself in mist, he quickly dispatches them. Blocking his path is Nox, who applauds the cloaked figure on being able to defeat his underlings despite his old age, and describes his unending hunger for wakfu.

Nox confronts Grougaloragran.

The cloaked figure reveals his name to be Grougaloragran, and orders Nox to walk away. The Xelor, after considering the strange name for a while, realizes that Grougal is a dragon. Excited at finding such a rare creature, he tries to attack. Grougal safely teleports the baby away, and retaliates with a ball of fire. Nox freezes time and attempts to strike Grougal, but the dragon is able to overcome the time manipulation, and breathes fire onto Nox. Grougal walks away with the baby, leaving Nox the burning forest. Hysterically, Nox exclaims that he has found "the greatest source of wakfu in the world."

At a nearby inn, two Enutrof bounty hunters - Ruel Stroud and Alibert - have arrested a man, Jason, for stealing food. Jason tries to reason with them, saying that he only stole to feed his family. His daughter, Mia, appears and begins to cry. Alibert changes his mind after seeing the sad child and frees her father. After the two leave, Alibert angrily throws down his shovel, declaring that he isn't cut to be a bounty hunter, and decides to find a new job. Ruel wishes him fortune from their god Enutrof, and the two split paths.

Grougal watches from afar and smiles to himself after seeing the kind act. He takes an egg from a Tofu nest and performs a spell on it, causing the egg to hatch. He then turns the egg shell into a blue, wakfu-imbued feather, leaves the two with the baby, and teleports away.

Alibert finds Yugo and Az.

Alibert notices the baby carriage and approaches it. Inside is a blonde baby with only a blue hat for clothes. He picks up the baby and, upon seeing the blue feather, holds it in front of his face. The feather flies into the air and writes out a message in dragonish language. He seems unfazed by it, but laughs at himself for finally being able to find a great treasure.

Fast forward twelve years later - the boy Yugo, and his Tofu Az, sleep soundly, but are suddenly awoken by a loud explosion. Downstairs, Alibert calls them for help. His attempts at baking bread fail again, so he asks Yugo and Az to fetch bread from their neighbor, Jason. After Yugo teases his dad about the burnt bread, the two race to Jason's house.

Elsewhere, two Tofus fight over a kama. An angry Ruel scares them away with his shovel and takes the kama from them. Then, two female travelers - a Sadida and a Cra, later revealed to be Amalia and Evangelyne - stop in the middle of the road and ask Ruel for directions to Emelka. Upon seeing the Sadida's expensive accessories, he offers to guide them there for five kamas. The girls just ride off after receiving the directions and thank him while leaving. He runs after them and offers them a better deal, but gives up after complaining about all the "broke tourists" that go through the area, and walks away. Another Noxin stalks him, snaps a few pictures, and flies away.

Back at the inn, Yugo happily prepares stew. A few of his friends ask him to play at the arena with them, but he needs to help his dad. As the kids leave, Ruel enters the inn, and catches up with Alibert. He tells Alibert of his plans to hang his shovel and open a restaurant in Bonta, or start another Gobbowl team. After Alibert asks Yugo to serve Ruel some stew, Ruel asks him how he got a son. He jokingly implies that Alibert had a one night stand with his Eniripsa friend from Amakna, and Alibert asks him if he'd finally pay his tab if he told him where Yugo came from.

Yugo prepares more stew for the new customers, but accidentally sends Az flying into a bag of flour, and knocks down a shelf full of ingredients. As he reaches out for them, a blue portal appears and engulfs the foods. Surprised, he tries to bring back another portal. He succeeds in doing so, but ends up dropping all the ingredients on the floor. He then cleans up the mess and goes to serve the dishes, saying that he'd practice using the portals later. Az jumps out of the flour, with another blue feather stuck to his rear end.

In the main room Yugo serves the customers their stew - by throwing the dishes to their tables! He serves a Sacrier and an Osamodas without any problems, but accidentally hits Ruel in the face with food. Meanwhile, a possessed Dally terrorizes Emelka.

Yugo fights Dally.

Ruel receives another bowl of stew from Alibert, paying him "with flattery". Suddenly, Dally comes crashing into their inn, scaring away the customers. Yugo challenges Dally to a fight using his new-found powers. Dally is able to slap him away, only to be challenged by Ruel, too. Alibert helps guard Ruel from Dally's attacks, but they are sent flying, leaving Yugo to take care of him. Ruel notices Dally's red eye, and realizes that he is possessed by a shushu.

As Yugo places a portal above Dally and jumps through, Alibert recalls the draconic message he saw the day he found Yugo - it told him to guard Yugo and Az with his life, and that when Yugo's powers are awakened, he is to go on an adventure to find his real family. Yugo pulls the shushu off of Dally, causing Dally to revert back to his normal form. Alibert tells Yugo about the message he found in Yugo's cradle, but they are interrupted by a scream. Outside, small, black creatures - Polters - are turning people into plants. The episode abruptly ends with images that the Noxins have taken of Yugo's wakfu-imbued hands.

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