Yugo with Az
Age 12 (Season 1)
13 (Season 2)
Gender Male
Class Eliatrope
Height 1m 10
Voiced by Fanny Bloc (French)
Jules de Jongh (English)

Yugo is the prominent protagonist, and one of the five main characters in the Wakfu animated series.

[edit] Biography

When Yugo was an infant, Grougaloragran arranged for him to be adopted by Alibert. For twelve years, Yugo and his pet Tofu, Az, lived quietly in Emelka, running an inn with Alibert. One day, he discovers his mysterious powers, and learns that Alibert is only his adoptive father. That same day he freed Percedal from the possession of Rubilax, met Amalia and Evangelyne, and began his adventure to find his true family.

[edit] Abilities

As an Eliatrope, Yugo can create portals. He can also use his portals to travel at extreme speeds and create powerful blue lasers.

[edit] Image Gallery

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