Yugo the Eliatrope

Yugo the Eliatrope is the second episode in season 1 of the Wakfu animated series.

[edit] Synopsis

Evangelyne and Amalia have camped out near Emelka. The princess is ecstatic to be away from the Sadida Kingdom, and rambles away on her excitement to an exasperated Eva. Her bodyguard still doubts that Amalia had a prophetic dream, but Amalia asserts that Sadida wanted them to venture away, to Emelka's Forbidden Forest.

Back in the town, the Polters are still attacking the townspeople. Dally has finally come to, and wants to repay Yugo for freeing him from Rubilax. Ruel gets Dally to help them fight off the polters, while Alibert protects Jason's family. However, one of the polters reaches Alibert. Before being turned into a plant, Alibert tells Yugo to search for the message left for him. The heartbroken Yugo decides to look for a cure in the Forbidden Forest instead. Elsewhere, Nox uses his Noxins to watch Yugo and Az - their huge amounts of wakfu have caught his attention, and he heads to Emelka.

In the Forbidden Forest, Yugo practices with his new found teleportation portal by playing tricks on Az, Ruel, and Dally! The Iop warns Yugo and Ruel of the forest's dangers - he mentions that he spent nearly a month in the forest, and was ambushed by a strange creature. Yugo uses his new abilities to get a bird's-eye view of the foreset, and notices an extremely large tree - the group heads in its direction.

On the way there, they hear a scream from Amalia - the groups reaches the girls and helps them fight off the polters. Ruel explains Yugo's situation to Amalia, who thinks Sadida intended for them to meet each other. Suddenly, a group of Treechnids - the same monsters that attacked Dally - ambush the group. After the new adversaries are dealt with, the large tree Yugo noticed earlier comes to life - with human-like arms, it grabs Dally and Amalia. The tree loses interest in Dally and drops him. Yugo is able to use his portals to save Dally, who, disoriented from the fall, vomits.

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